At All Saints and St Margaret’s CVA we want to teach the whole child. Through Personal, Social and Health Education we aim to provide pupils with:

  • accurate, balanced and relevant knowledge.
  • opportunities to turn knowledge into personal understanding.
  • opportunities to explore, clarify and if necessary challenge, their own and others’ values, attitudes beliefs, rights and responsibilities.
  • the skills, language and strategies they need in order to live healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced lives.
  • opportunities to develop positive personal attributes such as resilience, self-confidence, self esteem, and empathy.
  • to ensure pupils mental health and well-being is well cared for and supported.

We follow a scheme of work called ‘1 Decision’ for our PSHE (Physical, Social, Health and Emotional) lessons. This shows a video and the children make a decision and decide the ending based on their knowledge and understanding of the issue covered.

We follow a scheme of work called ‘Journey in Love’ for our SRE (Sex and Relationship Education).