Curriculum Rationale

Challenge is at the heart of our curriculum to ensure every child will reach their true potential.

Unified high expectations for all our children and staff.

Realising potential through, challenge, breath, depth and excitement being at the heart of our curriculum.

Reading being entwined throughout the curriculum ensuring a lifelong love for reading thus enabling our children to access the full curriculum being taught.

Implementing a curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and ensures our children will succeed in life.

Context of our schools’ local areas and children’s needs always shaping our curriculum.

Understand barriers to learning and teach our children the skills to ensure they gain the knowledge they need to succeed in life.

Learning from each other and recognising each other’s unique skills and personalities.

Ultimately changing our children’s future by giving them the
sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.

Measuring the impact of our curriculum and adapting it to meet the needs of our children.

To download a PDF version of our curriculum intent, please click below.

Curriculum Intent